Before I found Isagenix  I was a serial Yo-Yo dieter. Since I was 15 I have cut foods out of my diet, paid for weekly “slimming classes”, overworked myself in the gym, done extreme shake diets where I’ve shrunk to a size 8 and then ballooned back to a 16 – it didn’t teach me how to eat and enjoy a variety of foods. Consequently, I developed an unhealthy relationship with food and what I now know to be disordered eating.

In 2017 my sleep was messed up, my hormones were all over the place and I hated the spare tyre I carried around my middle. I was introduced to a new type of lifestyle by a friend and within days it felt like someone had reached inside me and switched on a light.

Now, I feel calm and balanced. I sleep well and I wake up every morning energised and ready to take on the world – all day, every day. I’ve released 18lb and have never felt healthier, whats best, is they’ve not come back. Not only do I feel incredible because of my new lifestyle, you can see from the above picture that my husband does too.

Good nutrition is the building block for preventing long term health problems. I’ve found a system that works for me and hundreds of thousands of other people around the world & I’m passionate about working 1-2-1 with people to help them achieve their transformation using this system.