21-Day TABATA Challenge!


Looking for a fun, challenging total body workout? Look no further than our 3-week TABATA interval workout challenge. TABATA is a type of interval training that mixes high-intensity periods with shorter rest periods.

Like traditional HIIT, TABATA is super-effective at supporting weight loss. You perform TABATA at such high intensity, your metabolism and heart rate increase immediately; supercharging your fitness regime in a tiny period of time.

Each day consists of a 10 minute session. 4 minute warm up, 4 minute TABATA, 2 minute cool down. Perfect for squeezing into your morning routine.

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No matter how badly you want to hit your fitness goals or see results from your workouts, spending the entire day sweating isn’t feasible for most people. Especially busy women with a home, family, and career to juggle. That’s exactly why this TABATA Challenge has been designed for you. This HiiT workout style focuses on exerting maximum effort for a minimal amount of time – 10 minutes er day actually!

Is this challenge suitable for beginners?

YES! So, basically, you need to put in MAXIMUM EFFORT – That means 9 or 10 out of 10! On day 1 max effort will feel very different to how it feels on day 21 because your fitness level will have rocketed. Your maximum effort is personal to you.

The TABATA protocol was developed when researchers found that people who performed these extra-intense, four-minute interval workouts increased their anaerobic fitness levels and boosted their metabolism more than those following other exercise styles. Making this quick burst of energy ideal for you to slot into your busy day.

How does it work?

Get delivered directly to your inbox 21 fully guided workouts. Each one is a unique 10 minutes long video that includes your warm-up, TABATA session & cool down. It’s like having a personal trainer every morning!

  • NO spending time wondering what exercises to do or searching Youtube for the perfect exercise
  • NO Gym Memberships required – All you need is about 1.5m x 1.5m space to exercise
  • NO long workouts that don’t give you the results you want

And if you have the time – why not repeat the TABATA Session twice 🙂


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